Telex: Gaspar Dieuzo on Viktor Orban: What jokes he had!

The Fidesz Transit Festival was attended by Gyözike Gaspar Gözki, who openly acknowledged his political affiliation at the Peace March before the last parliamentary elections and has since joined Fidesz. The event also featured a photo of Gaspar, who became known as a television celebrity and romantic frontman, which was included, for example, in Viktor Orban’s Smile Album. Blikk asked Gaspard about his impressions of the transit, and he said that these three days were the highlights of his vacation.

“The prime minister was very happy for me, if it wasn’t like that, he certainly wouldn’t have shared the photo, which made me very happy. We even hugged. It’s incredible how relaxed and human the prime minister is,” Diyozo Gaspar told the newspaper, adding that he went to learn “from people smarter than me, and I learned a lot.” He did not go to be photographed, he insisted and said that he had already been last year.

As for his favorite moment, he said that he thought the Gulyases debate went very well, and he also really liked Rogan’s economic presentation. “I took note of what the prime minister said – his presentation was brilliant too – that he was always friendly with smart people, that’s important. And what jokes did he have! You may like him or not, but we live peacefully! And you can vilify Fidesz, but the most important thing is that they don’t bomb us, they don’t kill people in Hungary,” Gaspar told the story of Fidesz, who is very tired of being still identified with the show “Victory” and the role that he played in it.

He also told the newspaper that, of course, he would help Fidesz-KDNP in the elections to local authorities and to the European Parliament. By the way, Diyozo Gaspar was photographed at the festival with several leading Fidesz politicians, including Gergeli Gulyas. The newspaper asked Gulyash what he thought about the appearance of the showman at the festival. His press officer replied that “he surprised the minister, but appreciates the support of all voters.”

Following Blick’s article, Gyozo Gaspar wrote on Facebook that he must reject all “malicious news reports and media appearances whose sole purpose” is to humiliate him in the eyes of the political community. “All of this also means that if in the near future the content appearing in Blikk is made public with the express intention of undermining me and through me the dignity of others, I would like to make it clear now that I renounce all of this. , and in justified cases, I will go to court,” he wrote.

Gyozo Gaspar had previously also been interviewed by Telex after his membership.

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