Televisa has already said yes, the DT that would arrive in Mexico as soon as 2023 begins

Televisa and Mexican Selection
Televisa and Mexican Selection

What happened at the Qatar 2022 World Cup was undoubtedly a catastrophe for the Mexican team, it was one of Mexico’s worst performances in the history of modern World Cups and they didn’t even want to reach the fourth game.

It was more than obvious that Gerardo Martino’s relationship with the fans was broken on both sides and his continuity in the Tri was unsustainable, which is why when the national team was eliminated, Martino immediately ceased to be the manager of the Tri.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

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The search for the next DT of the Mexican team has already begun because they want the next World Cup cycle to be different for Mexico and it seems that El Tri is going to start 2023 with a new coach on the bench.

The DT that Televisa wants in El Tri.

The DT that Televisa has already said yes to take the reins of the Tri is Miguel Herrera, Well, reports from W Deportes indicate that Herrera is the favorite of Yon De Luisa and Televisa, but it needs to be approved by the other owners, so there will be a meeting of owners at the beginning of 2023 where it will be defined if Miguel is the chosen one.

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