Telekom Romania Mobile introduces VoLTE technology that enables voice calls with HD audio clarity and near-instant connection, also for prepaid card users.

Telekom Romania Mobile announces that, starting this month, Telekom prepaid card users will also be able to take advantage of VoLTE (4G/5G) technology, which enables voice calls with high-definition audio clarity and near-instantaneous connection for initiated calls, the company said in a statement. Telekom Romania Mobile introduced this 4G voice call feature to subscribers in August 2022.

“In order to use this service, prepaid card users must collectively meet the following conditions: have a 4G compatible SIM card, be in a 4G/5G coverage area, and use a VoLTE compatible mobile phone that must have the latest version of manufacturer’s installed software,” the company said.

The implementation of VoLTE was an extensive technology development and implementation effort, and was carried out in partnership with Samsung.

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