Telecinco returns to programming Pretty Woman

Where and when is Pretty Woman airing tonight?

It’s hard for you to hear “Pretty woman” mentioned and not get in a good mood. Most of us have a smile on our faces, and the mind travels what seems like light years to the nostalgia planet. Let’s start with his music. It is 31 years that the film of Julia Roberts Y Richard Gere and his memory is inevitably wrapped up in his soundtrack. Roy Orbison sings us the great classic, as if it hadn’t existed for many years, and the chorus of “Wild women do” by Natalie Cole It’s an anytime high. Roxette Y Red Hot Chili Peppers are also there, and the romantic “Fallen” by Lauren Wood. An invaluable contribution to the “music box” of our lives. Are you seriously not excited about “Fallen”? My boom boxes broke down, but the original tape of that soundtrack with the cover of the movie poster, mythical Roberts and Gere, turning their backs on each other, still survives among my eighties junk.

The dozens of reruns of the film on television could be part of the practice of an experiment in pavlov. Watching it is a good time, and you always have a good time in those glorious 120 minutes. Thinking of the film, of its song melodies, even of Julia Roberts’s name evokes the warmth and good vibes of a total romantic comedy.

Because “Pretty woman” is that and therein lies its value. A bit carefree. It is written that you will laugh each and every time you see Vivian’s character fight with a snail that wants to eat in a luxurious restaurant and ends up jumping into the air. Her contagious laugh should be an intangible heritage of Humanity. Also his laugh when he goes to touch a diamond necklace that shows him in an open box Gere and, for a joke, snaps it shut, nearly snagging his fingers.

This summer the film returns to the small screen because Telecinco has announced it within its titles that it will broadcast in the summer season.

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