Technicians of the Mexican National Team who became villains for the fans

Gerardo Martino received a blow to the sympathy of the Tri fans, after losing for the third time in a row against the United States.

The coach of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo Martino, was booed by the public attending the TQL Stadium in Cincinnati and criticized on social networks under the trend ‘Out Tata’, after the 2-0 defeat against the United States in the Concacaf qualifying round heading to Qatar 2022, which added to the previous setbacks against the staunch zone rival in the Nations League and Gold Cup finals.

In the history of El Tri, ‘Tata’ Martino became the first coach of the team to lose three consecutive duels against the United States, which may predict a break with the fans like those that have happened previously with other technicians involved in important setbacks for Mexico’s soccer ambitions at the national team level.

ESPN remembers coaches of the Mexican National Team who experienced turning points with respect to the criticism and support of the fans, thanks to the results and ways that El Tri delivered under their mandate.

Juan Carlos Osorio

Widely questioned by the constant rotations in Mexico’s starting eleven, the acceptance of Juan Carlos Osorio as helmsman of the Tri experienced a turning point in the semifinals of the 2017 Gold Cup, instance in which he was eliminated by Jamaica 0 to 1.

After the game, making a simile with what Gerardo Martino lived in Cincinnati against the United States, the enthusiastic fans demanded the departure of the Colombian due to the forms that the Mexican team showed in said competition, which in the end the United States won.

It is worth mentioning that the coach never regained the fans, not even with qualification for the World Cup or the victory against Germany in the group stage.

Jose Manuel de la Torre

Criticisms of José Manuel de la Torre’s work with El Tri became more acute at the beginning of the Final Hexagonal heading to Brazil 2014, with a goalless draw against Jamaica, preceded by the performance shown in the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup.

The relationship of ‘Chepo’ with the Mexican National Team ended during the morning after the second ‘Aztecazo’ in history, against Honduras 1 to 2, after holding on to the position during the post-match press conference and with a balance of three draws and a setback, which left the national team fourth in the tournament and with a difficult outlook to qualify for the World Cup.

Sven Goran Eriksson

Previously spent five years with the England team and after leading Manchester City in the 2007-08 season, The Swedish national coach took the reins of the Tri in substitution of Hugo Sánchez to face the third round of the qualifying rounds heading to South Africa 2010.

In that group, which would have two tickets for the Final Hexagonal, Mexico shared a sector with Jamaica, Honduras and Canada; He was shortly after being eliminated in the race, but a goal by Matías Vuoso against the ‘Maple Leaf’ in Edmonton gave the classification thanks to the difference in goals compared to the Caribbean rival.

After that agonizing instance, the Mexican fans severely criticized his short management of the national team; he was removed from office in April 2009, after falling 3-1 against Honduras in the Hexagonal and registering a balance of two defeats and one victory.

Enrique Meza

With four points in three games in the Final Hex heading to Korea-Japan 2002, The tension within the process of Enrique Meza at the head of Tri was at its peak, to the extent that the players supported the coach’s work and, prior to the duel against Costa Rica -that ended in ‘catastrophe’-, the players wore shirts with the legend “Profe Meza, we are with you.”

On the field of the Azteca Stadium, the intentions of the squad fell short of the facts, as they stumbled 1 to 2 against the Costa Rican team, in the episode known as the ‘Aztecazo’. The shouts “out Meza” echoed throughout the venue and his departure from Tri was consummated in subsequent days.

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