TDT Channels is back!! You will see hundreds of free television channels again

However, they say that, in July 2019, The league managed to remove the Android app on Google Play. Not content with this, in October 2022 they managed to close the TDTChannels Telegram group and channel. The problem is that they do not “hack” anything, since everything is transmitted directly by the media, through their official links.

TDTChannels update

After communicating this and receiving no response, the platform gave themselves a period to reflect and decide what to do. A few weeks later, they have announced the continuity of the project with “Android app, iOS and website fully operational”. Of course, the official Telegram will not return and they will do so through Discord (

Alternatives to watch TV for free while TDTChannels returns

Although all television channels in Spain have their own website or application where you can watch live content, there are also pages or platforms that allow us to watch TV over the Internet and even record or rewind it to start the program whenever we want or to watch it more. late if we need it.


It is probably the best tool for watching television in recent months and an essential if we are looking for quality, variety and many options. Not only can we watch more than 100 DTT channels over the Internet, but it also allows us to record them or watch them later without having to pay for them. We can do it for free and without registration (although initially it was not possible) or bet on the premium option.

We can see it from the web or we can download the Tivify app for Android or iOS as we need to see the channels on the mobile or tablet.

Motorvision TV Tivify

photo call

Another of the great classics for watching TV over the Internet is Photocall, a web page that does not allow us to watch TV directly from it, but instead links to all the available channels that we can watch over the Internet. It redirects us to the website of each one of them so we can see it live.

It is a very comfortable page that we can always have at hand to be able to access any channel even channels that are international and that we can see from here or thematic channels of soccer teams or online digital media.



Kodi is not a website as such but a multimedia center that allows us to add IPTV lists or access add-ons that allow us to add content. Among the options, we can watch channels over the internet without any problem. We simply have to add them to Kodi. It is not the most comfortable or simple option for any user, but it is probably the most complete.

Kodi Media Center


FuboTV is not a free option, although it does have a seven-day period that allows us to view the content at no cost if you are interested in watching channels of all kinds and with many more options than other websites or platforms on this list. After the seven days of testing, the website or platform starts to cost 3.99 euros per month.

FuboTV not only has live channels but also a very interesting on-demand content section thanks to the fact that it has the Movistar Series 2 channel and all its content: series like The Good Fight, Outlander, Riverdale and many more.

pluto tv

Another option to watch TV for free is Pluto TV, although you cannot watch the different channels such as La 1, La 2 or Antena 3. Instead, they are thematic channels that we can watch over the Internet without having to pay anything and without the need to register. Pluto TV offers us all kinds of channels organized by categories such as music, news, entertainment, lifestyle, Christmas, sports, animation, children…

Pluto TV-Series

tell him

Like Photocall, Diretele takes us to the different websites or platforms to watch TV online. We cannot see it from the page itself but it links to all the channels in a simple way. We can see the logos and from here we click on the different channels to access the website that will allow us to see them. There are not only general DTT channels, but there are also local, regional or thematic channels sports, cartoons or even thematic channels of television programs such as Chiringuito Inside.

tell him


One of the platforms to watch TV online is Mitele. Mitele is a web page or application that allows us to watch Mediaset channels live over the Internet. The channels we can see are Telecinco, Cuatro, Boing, Divinity, BeMad, Factoria de ficción or Energy. We can choose which channel to watch from the “live” section of the page or the application that we can download for free. In addition, Mitele also offers us an “a la carte” section to see content broadcast in the last few days or in the last few weeks if you have missed it.


RTVE has RTVE Play, a website or platform that allows us to watch the different Spanish Radio Television channels live over the Internet from the browser or from the application. We can watch RTVE, La 2, 24h or TDP live. We can also see content on demand. We can see programs that we have missed or we can access a catalog of series, movies, documentaries.

RTVE app


Like Mitele, Atresplayer allows us to watch Atresmedia channels via Internet from the web page or from the free applications. We can see Antena 3, La Sexta, Nova, Neox, MEGA, A3Series, Flooxer, Novelas Nova and KIDZ. We can go to the section “live” or go to the different sections to see the broadcast programs, the Atresplayer series, news, soap operas, documentaries


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