Taylor Sheridan didn’t dare give acting classes to Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence starred in the movie Winter’s Bone, many realized that the talent of this young actress far exceeded that of many other interpreters of her generation. That same year she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress and two years later, she won it for her role in The Bright Side of Things. After the statuette, there have been up to two more nominations.

And actor-turned-director Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone) can proudly boast that he was one of the first people to have noticed Lawrence’s boundless talentWell, as he himself has remembered, and Deadline has published, there was a time when the young actress’s mother hired him to give acting classes to her daughter.


Trailer for Causeway, the new Apple TV+ movie with Jennifer Lawrence

At the time, Sheridan was trying to get ahead as an actor and in order to earn some money he was giving acting classes to children. However, when he met Lawrence and saw everything he could do, Sheridan decided to return the money because she believed that her classes were going to be useless.

“I remember going to see an acting teacher who said to my mother: ‘Here’s your money. Whatever you do, don’t sign her up for acting classes again. He doesn’t need them,” recalled a surprised Jennifer Lawrence at an event in Los Angeles where she discovered for the first time that this person was actually director Taylor Sheridan.

Separate paths

After appearing on the Sons of Anarchy series, Taylor Sheridan decided she was better off end his acting career and focus on his facet as a screenwriter. Among some of his best-known titles is the movie Comanchería or the sequel to Sicario: The Day of the Soldado. He has also taken his first steps in directing, as in the Yellowstone series.

For his part, Jennifer Lawrence she did pursue her dream of being an actress and is currently one of the best performers of her generation with more than 30 titles behind him and numerous awards, including three Golden Globes for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

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