Tata, if we lose against Canada, present your resignation: Álvaro Morales

The 2-0 what did you do United States to Mexico continues to wreak havoc on the national team’s environment and the fact is that now the players are not criticized so much, but now they ask for ‘the head’ of Tata Martino, Well, if history repeats itself and he loses to Canada, they want him to resign.

Alvaro Morales, ‘ESPN’ analyst and what tends to criticize teams, players and coaches, spoke out against the Tata martino, in addition to his colleagues in ‘Futbol Picante’, as they consider that He has spoken of more and has acted very little, where the last sample of this was the defeat with the United States.

This is how they threw the Tata Martino

In ‘Futbol Picante’ the discussion table had as central theme to Mexican team, where there were mixed opinions but they used to agree that one of the main problems was Gerardo Martino, who has not responded properly.

“Tand I’m going to say what happened, but it has nothing to do with the lord, with you or with me, the tarigada that Tata Martino said: ‘All Mexicans always want to beat him (to the United States) ‘”, said Jorge Pietrasanta.

Francisco Gabriel de Anda joined the criticism and commented that with attitudes like those shown by the Tata Martino, think about what he said many times Hugo Sanchez, about what it should be an Aztec technician who takes command of the Tri.

“That’s where what Hugo Sánchez said is right, that should be a mexican technician the fact that lead to National selection”, He mentioned.

Finally Alvaro Morales, the major critic, He issued a request / warning to Tata Martino, well he commented that if Canada beats Mexico, he should present his resignation.

Tata, the message is clear. If we lose to Canada, submit your resignation because then what are you for? “said Morales.

Mexico will be measured against Canada this Tuesday, November 16 o’clock 20:05 hrs, where the winner will stay with the second place of the Octagonal, and could even take the lead if the United States leaves points on the road against Jamaica.

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