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According to a Fidesz EP spokesman, support for arms supplies to Ukraine depends on whether OTP is removed from the list of international sponsors of the war.

Tamás Deutsch like the Hungarians, tens of millions of people across Europe reject Brussels’ plan to create a ghetto for migrants. He told Magyar Nemzet that it was now clear that

In the western half of Europe, the ideology of multiculturalism has completely collapsed, and vilcommensculture, the practice of pampering migrants and giving the green light to illegal migration, has almost disastrous consequences.

In France, migrants are already rioting, representing an unbearable burden for the countries of the West, which is why a mandatory quota was invented, to which Fidesz MEP mockingly replied:

Yes, sure…

According to him, Brussels did not even think about how this could be implemented. European Commission proposal

completely impractical, shameful and inhumane idea…

The old man had reminded him of this before. George Soros came up with eerily similar plans against which Viktor Orban he opposed from the start, stating that illegal migration should be stopped, not regulated, and that Brussels should support, not repress, member states’ border security efforts.

According to Tamas Deutsch, political and legal tools will be found so that disastrous EU decisions regarding migrants will not have to be implemented.According to the representative of the EP “Fidesz”, military psychosis reigns in the EU, and peace is out of the question. Tamás Deutsch called the European Commission’s new support for Ukraine frightening. According to him, Hungary will not discuss either the blocked 500 million euros so far or the new 20 billion euros until OTP is excluded from the Ukrainian list of international war sponsors.

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