Talent retention and emotional well-being, main challenges for companies

Experts noted that 73% of employers have difficulty attracting new talent to their organizations

Monday, November 29, 2021

The attraction and retention of talent, as well as the emotional well-being of the workers, were positioned as the main priorities of the People Tech Summit, a remote event organized by Factorial, the human resources technological platform, which addressed the challenges of the human resources world for propose new solutions to Ibero-American professionals.

In this regard, Bernat Farrero, founder and CRO of Factorial, assured that one way in which staff can perform more is through education and training tools through technology, which promote collaboration and relationship between teams to create cohesion, a good environment of work and keep the company culture alive.

In addition, the event also highlighted the importance of talent retention and other areas such as Employee Experience and Human Resources where the problems that afflict them were rescued.

  • Employee Experience: It is about the culture of well-being of the workers and is that according to Catalina Mora, VP of sales Spain at GOintegro -the benefits platform in Latin America-, 73% of employers have difficulty attracting talent, therefore, the Strategies that will predominate in the coming years are located in the motivation and obtaining knowledge about the commitment with the workers, through the Employee Experience

  • talent retention: Toni Gimeno, an expert in Inbound Recruiting, assured that 81% of candidates learn about the company’s values ​​before signing up for an offer, 80% of employees expect the company to offer them an interesting job where they feel fulfilled and 67% expect the organization to have an inspiring purpose, hence the importance of human resources continuing to evolve, as well as the worker-employer relationship
  • Human Resources: Xavier Escales, founder of the Spanish project AlwaysPeopleFirst, indicated that by 2025 65% of workers will belong to the Millennial and Z generations, so the future will focus on technological resources and human capital, since the relationship with the technology is more open

Escales pointed out that although there are great consultants and entrepreneurs, when wondering how to optimize resources they focus on cutting expenses, however, Soft Skills are essential for said growth and it is where the main interest has to be paid so that workers commit to the company, since the current rate in this area does not exceed 20%.

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