Take your PS5 wherever you want with this case, with a price drop included


The best way to keep it protected in transit.

If you are one of the few users who have a PlayStation 5 in your possession, you probably have a few friends who want you to take it home so they can enjoy it there or even leave it for a few days. We have found a case that perfectly fits what you are looking for if you need to transport your PS5 from one place to another or you want to take it on a trip.

This carrying case costs today 59 euros, reduced from the 70 euros that it usually costs. We have a slight saving on one of the few covers that they are worth it for ps5. You will be able to insert everything, from the console itself to various controllers, games and others necessary peripherals and accessories for a game day at the highest level.

Buy the travel case for PS5

ps5 briefcase

With this carrying case for PS5 you can take your console wherever you want in the safest way

It’s a quite roomy bag and with well differentiated and divided spaces. We will be able to store and take a PS5, 2 DualSense controllers (or more), a remote control, bluetooth mouse, all cables, about 10 games, wireless headsets and everything in compartments. well padded and secured with velcro so that nothing moves during the trip.

The case is finished in light gray fabricand inside it’s all lined in black with velvet texture smooth. Also comes with a shoulder strap adjustable in size and padded so as not to hurt us. the external material it is waterproofbut it is not recommended to submerge the case in water, it is made splash proof more than anything.

Besides, you can also take it on a plane as part of the hand luggage, as it incorporates a quite thick velcro handle with which to attach the briefcase to the hand suitcase. You no longer have excuses not to take your PS5 to your colleague’s house for an afternoon or a few days to a hotel during a trip. You can have your gaming hours whenever and wherever you want.

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