MultiVersus is the best-selling game of the month in the United States despite being free

MultiVersusthe free-to-play fighting game from Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One, has been the title best seller throughout July in the United States, according to the video game market analysis firm NPD Group. This is due to the popularity of founder packsranging between 40 … Read more

Elden Ring exceeds 16.6 million copies sold

Elden RingFromSoftware’s latest RPG adventure for Bandai Namco, has exceeded 16.6 million units sold as of June 30, as revealed by the publisher in its report for the last quarter of the fiscal year. By mid-May it had reached 13.4 million, so in just over a month it had sold close to 3 million. The … Read more

Analysis Cursed to Golf, the golfer’s curse

According to Steam statistics, more than 450 games with Steam elements have been released on Valve’s platform so far this year. roguelike, and considering that we are still in August, everything indicates that we are going to exceed the 502 of last year. With these figures, it is strange that there is not a roguelike … Read more

Impressions One Military Camp: building and managing our own military barracks

The management titles have become a classic in the world of video gamesallowing us to become the CEO of a company, the president of a university or the boss of the mafia, building, growing and amassing our empire in any sector. for this year Abylight Barcelonaa Spanish studio (as you can understand from its name) … Read more

Dragon Ball in Fortnite: The mythical Kamehameha attack is causing a sensation

Epic Games has launched this Tuesday, August 16, the collaboration with dragon ball in fortnite battle royale. In addition to adding four skins of Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus, in addition to other cosmetic items such as backpacking accessories, pickaxes and hang gliders; for a limited time they fall on the map capsules that grant … Read more

10 canceled games you didn’t know existed (Part 2)

10 Canceled Games You Didn’t Know Exist Part 1 The amount of titles that are canceled in our industry is greater than we can imagine. And we are not only talking about small studios or independent teams, but also about large productions that receive the bad news after investing large amounts in these games that … Read more

Convince men on Tinder to buy NieR Automata and then ‘ghost’ them

A woman claims to have made more than twenty men with whom he spoke on the dating application Tinder they will be bought NieR: Automatathe acclaimed action RPG from Square Enix and PlatinumGames, to then make them ghosting (stop talking to them). Jen, which is what this user is called, states in an interview on … Read more

Spider-Man for PC receives a spectacular mod that allows you to play as Stan Lee

It was a matter of time modders get down to work creating multiple mods for the PC version of Spider-Man: Remastered, a reissue that hit the platform on August 12 and has since garnered very good sales numbers. As of today, the video game already has a good handful of costumes created by the community, … Read more

Rollerdrome analysis, death on skates

Everything returns. After years of neglect, genres such as skateboarding or horror seem to once again have a place among the new fashions, such as battle royalegames as a service and roguelike. The game that we have today in our hands recovers the most well-known formula of the skate: the one made popular by Neversoft; … Read more