‘Blanca’ continues its collapse and the film ‘His parents’ works in La 1

The day of this August 18 was once again marked by very few audiences in the prime time of the general networks. None of the offers reached a million viewers, and, in general, all programs suffered a drop compared to the previous week. According to Kantar data provided by Barlovento Comunicación, GECA and Dos30′, the … Read more

What can I watch tonight on TV?

The 1. 22.15 h. ‘Whims of Fate’. Dutch Van Den Broek and Kay Chandler discover when their spouses die in a plane crash that they were having an affair. He insists on knowing all the details of the relationship, while she wants to turn the page. Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas act under the … Read more

What can I watch tonight on TV?

The 1. 22.50 h. ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Other reboot, this of the year 2019, of the mythical television series. On this occasion, the angels are the actresses Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, under the command of Elizabeth Banks. They are the only ones who can prevent a clean energy source that will revolutionize the … Read more

‘Infiel’ leads its slot and ‘Survivors’ manages to be the most watched non-informative program

Anabel Pantoja was one of the protagonists last night in Survivors: Honduras Connection. Isabel Pantoja’s niece is nominated, and to encourage her, the program brought her a visit from her friend Juan. And Ana Luque, the last expelled from it, also gave him a surprise. The program was the most watched non-informative program on the … Read more