Amaia Kids, a Basque children’s clothing firm: Amaia, the Basque designer who dresses Kate Middleton’s children

Amaia Arrieta, who dresses Kate Middleton’s children, takes advantage of every trip to the Basque Country to spend time with her family and enjoy the sea. / ARIZMENDI This entrepreneur, founder of Amaia Kids, has conquered the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with her classic, elegant and modern signature ¬ęThe Head of … Read more

The revealing analysis of the ‘Daily Mail’ on Kate Middleton’s arms (they also remember Letizia)

The Spanish and foreign press have filled pages and pages about the toned arms of Queen Letizia, but she is not the only one royal that has drawn attention to this detail. On numerous occasions, the British tabloids have noticed Kate Middleton’s chiseled arms. As a result of some of the latest photographs of the … Read more

Kate Middleton takes the trophy for the most elegant of Wimbledon with this polka dot dress

If there is a sporting event (with permission from Ascot) in which the way of dressing is taken care of to the millimeter, we are talking about Wimbledon. The british tennis tournament has left us with some of the most inspiring looks of the summer, courtesy of Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and of course, Kate … Read more