He wanted to take the WBC belt from Julio César Chávez and his end was tragic

Throughout his career, Julio Cesar Chavez had the opportunity to face great rivals, one of which was an Italian winner of the gold medal in Seoul 88 who, however, and despite the fact that he had already dethroned another Mexican, could not take away the WBC belt to The Legend of Boxing. Born in Vibo … Read more

It was the “Mexican killer” that Julio César Chávez and diabetes put a stop to

On March 17, 2020, one of the greatest fighters died and “matamexicanos”, but who could never beat Julio Cesar Chavezwho twice defeated him to avenge each and every one of the Aztec fighters who had been his victims. At the age of 58, this fighter, uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr., died of diabetes in Las … Read more

Chávez Jr got a fucking ‘churro’ vs CaneloMediotiempo

Nacho Beristainlegendary Mexican boxing trainer, had the opportunity to train Julio Cesar Chavez Junior for the fight he had against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in 2017same as ended in victory for the Guadalajara. However, over the years Don Nacho has opened the trunk of memories to recall that contest, in which he assured that Chávez Jr … Read more

He took the undefeated from Julio César Chávez and died with dementia and Parkinson

Julio Cesar Chavez He is considered one of the best Latin American boxers of all time, few can boast of having beaten him, so this time we will talk about someone who took away the undefeatedbut it came to a terrible end dementia and Parkinson’s. The character in question is FrankieRandall, American boxer who retired … Read more

Chávez paid Nacho Beristáin $40,000 to go up to his corner

It is clear that working for Julio Cesar Chavezin his time of boxerand right now, it turns out to be quite a luxury for those who earn their trust, because the Mexican Champion gratifies those who pull with him and wave his flag, as was once the case with the famous coach and maker of … Read more

Julio César Chávez and the day he cheated a kidnapping, how much ransom would they ask for?

Crime does not respect anything or anyone and the clear example is Julio Cesar Chavezthe Mexican Grand Champion who almost fell victim to a kidnapping, which he finally mocked but was about to take away his freedom and a good few million pesos. Here we tell you how much they would ask for his ransom. … Read more

JC Chavez goes against Ryan Garcia; he did not see his fight and predicts K.OMediotiempo

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 07.22.2022 12:02:22 Julio Cesar Chavez He doesn’t mince words when talking about boxing, since he says things as he thinks them, without half measures, and that’s when he was questioned about the fight that Ryan García had against Javier Fortunathrowing a direct dart: “No, I don’t see bullshit”. Nevertheless, the … Read more

You made another enemy! Julio César Chávez destroyed Ryan Garcia very harsh statements

Boxing In the last few hours, Julio César Chávez spoke about Ryan Garcia and destroyed him with sharp statements. By Lautaro Tonellotto 07/21/2022 – 11:21 p.m. CDT 07/21/2022 – 11:21 p.m. CDT © picture 7Julio César Chávez destroyed Ryan Garcia with few words. The last days, Ryan Garcia has been at the center of the … Read more

Julio César Chávez and his favorite for the fight between Saúl Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

Julio Cesar Chavez He is one of the authorized voices in Mexico to talk about boxing, a historical reference that with championships marked a before and after in the discipline. A path that the boxer from Guadalajara follows today Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarezwho will live in September a third confrontation with Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas, … Read more

Julio César Chávez’s message and promise to Canelo Álvarez before fighting Gennady Golovkin

BOXING Saúl Álvarez is celebrating his birthday and the César del Boxeo did not stop sending him his blessings, as well as a happy promise. By Juan Manuel Marino 07/18/2022 – 06:33 p.m. CDT 07/18/2022 – 06:33 p.m. CDT © Getty Images/SpecialThe Cesar of Boxing sent a message to Canelo. The name of Saúl Álvarez … Read more