“In the hotel rooms I make the beds and clean the bathrooms”

Round trip is the new section City in which celebrities talk relaxed about their lives and which premieres exclusively every Friday on Facebook and Instagram. Faith Bal (32) was moved to remember moments of his childhood, his father Santiagoalso revealed without turning red that he lived a very special date in Las Vegas and made … Read more

What happened to Cameron Diaz, the highest paid actress who decided to retire from the cinema in her prime

She was the queen of the second half of the 90s and it seemed that his wake was going to last forever: his debut in ‘The Mask’ was so overwhelming that he could choose the project he wanted. And he dribbled between thug comedies (‘There’s Something About Mary’), instant classics (‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’) and … Read more

All about the new Drunk Elephant collection with Chris McMillan

Chris Mcmillan It’s one of the celebrity hair stylist recognized in the United States who has dedicated his life cutting hair for more than three decades. He is the creator of The Rachel, the version of the TV show Friends that defined the 1990s. In addition to having collaborated with great stars such as Miley … Read more

Ryan Gosling Might Join Margot Robbie in Ocean’s Eleven Prequel

Ryan Gosling is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. Although he made a reputation for certain types of melancholic and violent characters, the truth is that he has participated in many genres with diverse styles. We recently saw him in The Gray Man – 37%, a Netflix adaptation whose success marked the beginning … Read more

The 16 most iconic ‘celebrity’ looks of the 90’s

Of one thing we are sure: the 90’s It was the golden age of fashion and we didn’t plan to discuss it with anyone. There were several causes that led to this phenomenon at the international level. On the one hand, we speak of the birth of the Super models (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda … Read more

‘Ocean’s Eleven’: Ryan Gosling would be in talks with Margot Robbie to join the prequel

Last May we discovered that Margot Robbie would be in charge of a new installment of the ‘Ocean’s’ saga. The actress would star in the film in addition to producing it, while Jay Roach would be behind the cameras, who already worked with Robbie in ‘The scandal (Bombshell)’. With a view to start shooting in … Read more

What to watch today on TV? Friday, August 19, 2022 | TV

13.05 / The 2 ‘chuka’ USA, 1967 (105 minutes). Director: Gordon Douglas. Cast: Rod Taylor, Ernest Borgnine, John Mills. The prolific Gordon Douglas was one of the strongest craftsmen in classic Hollywood, filming a handful of masterpieces with an uncanny talent for crafting unforgettable tales from shoestring budgets and conventional storylines. In Douglas’s cinema, the … Read more

The coppery hair with highlights is the most of the season

The coppery hairalso known as ‘hair copper’ is trending this summer Y ‘celebrities’ What Julia Roberts either Zendaya They have already taken it. And it is that it looks good with any skin tone, also do not worry if you have the afro hair either curlybecause this color does not distinguish and feels equally good … Read more