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Famous tattoos in strange places on the body

Noah Centineo just shaved his head to show off a large bear tattoo. 1. The spider tattoo on Tom Holland’s foot: two. Zac Efron’s “yolo” tattoo on hand: 3. Jennifer Lawrence’s tattoo on her hand that says “H2O” to remind her to drink water: Four. Sophie Turner’s tattoo on Joe …

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How to watch The Hunger Games in chronological order

The Hunger Games is a young adult storybook series written by one of the best authors in the genre, Suzanne Collins. The series is quite long, but the stories are equally interesting to read.However, in recent years, several of these books have been turned into ‘The Hunger Games’ movies or …

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The actress who wants Jennifer Lawrence to play her in a biopic

Versatile actress, perfect co-worker and pure-blooded comedian, Jennifer Coolidge She is one of the most sought-after performers in the industry. With outstanding performances in franchises of the stature of “American pie” (like forgetting Stifler’s mom) and “Legally Blonde”Coolidge shines today in “The White Lotus”a series that portrays several guests vacationing …

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