Hugo Sánchez and his criticism of Pumas and Lillini after playing against BarçaHalftime

The rout suffered by Pumas (0-6) at the hands of Barcelona penetrated deep into a reference of the feline club and the real MadridHow is it Hugo Sanchez. And it is that the Pentapichichi called the actions of the auriazules “shameful” and considered that the DT Andrés Lillini will be marked for his inability to … Read more

Hugo Sanchez to Chivas? He tears Cadena apart and says that he is not a leader.

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 05.08.2022 11:18:23 Hugo Sanchez nothing was saved when talking about the present of the Chivas. And it is that in his role as ESPN analyst, the pentapichichi considered that the Sacred Flock cannot think of a big project when he puts a DT from the club’s basic forceswhich will end … Read more

He was better than Ochoa in El Tri according to Sánchez, but he went to jail for drunk

Hugo Sanchez / Guillermo Ochoa August 05, 2022 5:00 p.m. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Talk about Hugo Sanchez is to talk about one of the most important players in Mexican soccer. Being one of the best players in the world at the time, Sánchez won 5 pichichis: 4 with Real Madrid and 1 with Atlético … Read more

Hugo Sánchez destroys Ricardo Cadena and explains why he should not be the Chivas coach

MX League The now analyst spoke about the qualities that the helmsman may have, but ruled out that he has the leadership to lead the rojiblancos. By Aldo Miranda 08/04/2022 – 06:28 p.m. CDT Hugo Sánchez destroys Ricardo Cadena For Hugo Sanchez, Ricardo Cadena does not have sufficient credentials to allow him to sit on … Read more

Hugo Sánchez talks about America to say that he did beat MadridMediotiempo

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 07.27.2022 13:40:00 in the world of Hugo Sanchez, everything must revolve around Hugo Sánchez. How could it be otherwise, the historic Mexican soccer player took advantage of América’s performance against Real Madrid to remember his triumph with Pumas against the Merengues in the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy in 2004. At that … Read more

While Hugo Sánchez denied Mexico, what Lewandowski thinks of the Tri

What Lewandowski thinks of the Mexican team July 26, 2022 08:40 a.m. Great controversy generated the words of Hugo Sanchez when he assured that if he had played with another team that was not the Mexican, he would win the World Cup, thus denying the talent and work of the rest of the players. Quite … Read more

He was one of those responsible for Sánchez’s debut in the Tri, now he loses his life

Hugo Sanchez July 10, 2022 8:36 p.m. Today news is given of the death of one of the most controversial political figures in the history of Mexican politics. We are referring to that of former President Luis Echeverría, who died at 100 years of age. The Mexican politician is accused of one of the most … Read more

Faitelson makes fun of Hugo Sánchez as DT; the trophy that minimized halftime

Midtime Editorial CDMX. / 07.07.2022 13:14:26 The Eagles of America will face the real Madrid this month, so David Faitelson and Jose Ramon Fernandez They did not miss the opportunity to talk about it. Although the debate was mainly focused on the azulcrema team. Faitelson highlighted the fact that Hugo Sánchez “continues to live” to … Read more