Emma Watson talks about her relationship with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint during “Harry Potter” | Present

Emma Watson, recognized for her role as hermione granger in Harry Potter, has given an interview in Interview Magazine. In it she has talked about the years of filming the film and what her relationship with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint was like. Despite the years that have passed, the protagonists of the cast They … Read more

Discover the 3 most successful women’s perfumes used by celebrities

the scents of woman They include different needs, according to the occasion and also to whom we project. It is that many times we imitate looks of movie stars and the small screen, but we would also like to smell like them. Against this background, we will tell you what those celebrity fragrances that will … Read more

Prada’s new campaign features Emma Watson as the face of its new fragrance

The actress will present a new fragrance that will be launched at the end of August. The Italian firm Prada adds Emma to its group of celebrity ambassadors. After Jake Gyllenhaal joined the brand for its Luna Rossa fragrance, Prada today announced that Emma Watson, the star of the Harry Potter, will introduce a new … Read more

Perfect balance: learn to eat like Emma Watson and get great results

Watson rose to fame after co-starring for 10 years in the Harry Potter saga. Since the development changed the figure of the actress, many have been interested in the habits that keep Emma beautiful and slim. By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office August 17, 2022 10:19 a.m. Maybe Emma Watson have genetics predisposed to show off … Read more

Emma Watson Surprises Us with New Look and New Career – E! Online Latino

Emma Watson debuts a look in the new Prada Beauty campaign that she directs and represents The British actress does not give away drama and glamour. Emma Watson’s new transformation is pure magic. The Harry Potter star revealed a spectacular pixie cut hairstyle to introduce her partnership with Prada Beauty. Without a doubt, Emma’s short … Read more

Emma Watson has returned to the pixie haircut in the middle of 2022

The eternal charm of Emma Watson. If there is an actress who does not lose relevance over the years, it is her. And who better than the British to embody the new muse of Prada Beauty. Talented artist, activist for social causes and declared feminist, is there something about her that is not captivating? She … Read more

Ezra Miller: How the actor of ‘The Flash’ has become a controversial figure

Ezra Miller represents a $200 million problem for Warner Bros. That’s the budget for Flash, starring Miller as a spandex-clad superhero. Scheduled to be released next summer, it is DC Comics’ big bet against the Marvel movies produced by Disney that have the world dominated, such as the series of avengers Y spider-man. There’s just … Read more