Shiloh would choose a distant university to distance herself from Angelina Jolie: Reveal episodes of rebelliousness of Brad Pitt’s daughter asking for “equality” with her older brothers | People | Entertainment

Rumors about Shiloh’s supposed rebellion are becoming more and more pronounced. The American press remains attentive to the statements given by informants close to the family, and they assure that the young woman wants to distance herself from Angelina Jolie, and what better way than her at the time she has to choose which university … Read more

Reveal PHOTOS of Angelina Jolie directing Salma Hayek and Demián Bichir in “Without Blood”

Angelina Jolie works focused on the direction of her new film “Without Blood”same as with her friend Salma Hayek as the protagonist and paired with another successful Mexican, Demian Bichir. Based on the novel by Italian writer Alessandro Bariccothe film shows a story full of revenge, war, violence, pain and trauma, very human characteristics that … Read more

Artist surprises by drawing six portraits at the same time – Art and Theater – Culture

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Jennifer Lawrence poses in a navel four months after giving birth, in a Dior campaign

Jennifer Lawrence poses in a navel four months after giving birth, in a Dior campaign. | PHOTO: EFE Four months after giving birthamerican actress Jennifer Lawrence poses in a crop top for Dior campaign and impresses with its beauty, it looks radiant. The protagonist of the successful saga of The Hunger Games drew attention to … Read more

FBI details alleged abuse of which the actress was the victim at the hands of the actor

A report by the FBI includes details narrated by Angelina Jolie about the alleged mistreatment who suffered at the hands of Brad Pittwho was her husband at the time, as they traveled from Nice to the United States with their children. According to NBC News, the FBI He received a demand via the Freedom of … Read more

Are Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski Dating? This is what is known about the alleged romance

Written in CELEBRITIES the 8/19/2022 09:06 a.m. In social networks a rumor began to circulate where they assure that Brad Pitt a new opportunity in love was given and Emily Ratajkowski would be the lucky one, butthere is evidence that confirms this supposed romance?, Apparently yes and here we show them to you. First we … Read more

From Meryl Streep to Lady Gaga in Joker II: the pay gap still exists in Hollywood

Lady Gaga’s ‘Joker 2’ salary is $10 million less than co-star Joaquin Phoenix Hollywood actresses have been denouncing wage discrimination for years Angelina Jolie earned half as much as Brad Pitt for her movie ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ The salary gap in the Hollywood industry has existed since the beginning of celluloid. The prevailing machismo … Read more

This is how Angelina Jolie’s children are helping their mother

Mondadori PortfolioGetty Images A few weeks ago Angelina Jolie celebrated by dancing that her daughter Zahara had been admitted to Spelman University, located in Atlanta (Georgia). This news that, at first, was received with great joy, now she is making The actress is going through a ‘difficult’ moment. This is because Angelina lives in Los … Read more

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are BOYFRIEND? These would be the TESTS of their supposed romance

For a few days on social networks a small rumor has been circulating in which it is ensured that Brad Pitt Y Emily Ratajkowski are a coupleCould it be that these two actors will form the new Hollywood media couple? Here we share a series of tests that confirm this supposed romance; and well, it … Read more

Angelina Jolie’s children have already started their film career in this film with Salma Hayek – Metro Ecuador

Angelina Jolie He has a long and successful career in the world of cinema and many fans had wondered if their children would follow in his footsteps.. Recently, it was revealed that the people18 years old, and Maddox21, have already begun their film career working hand in hand with the protagonist of “Maleficent” and actress … Read more