T Visa for the United States: what it is and who can apply for it

Unlike other types of visa in the United States, T status is a temporary immigration benefit that only some people who are victims of human trafficking are eligible for.

Those who obtain it can only be in the North American nation for a maximum of four yearsif they help the authorities and agencies in the investigation of your case.

Some job offers to reside in this country became the hook of criminals to attract different people based on deception. When they arrive, without papers and without money, they also lose their freedom. That is why the authorities are in constant cooperation with these beneficiaries in order to break the trafficking networks of traffickers.

Human trafficking is almost a form of modern day slaverytraffickers do not always use force, they also rely on lies and fraud (because some people pay for this process to get to the United States), or coercion.

Against all this background, the United States Congress created the status known as T, in October 2000, by the Law for the Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons and Violence.

Beneficiaries must have very specific conditions, one of which is having entered the United States through human trafficking and having collaborated (or be willing to do so) with information to help the agencies investigate the traffickers in the case.

This is a condition that applies only to those who are adults. Another requirement is that the person faces a scenario in which they would suffer extreme harm if deported from the United States.

T visa for the United States: the requirements to request it
T visa for the United States: the requirements to request itpixabay

Experts recommend collecting all the information that has to do with the case, from police reports to even some articles published in newspapers and photographs of injuries (if any). Other evidence that can support the interested party are witnesses and statements, both personally and from family or friends.

As it is not one of the most common visas, it is important consult with a specialized lawyer on the subject for advice to obtain help in processing the application. Likewise, Those who are in the United States and wish to report a case of trafficking can contact the toll-free line: 1-888-373-7888.

This is how you can process the T visa
This is how you can process the T visaunsplash

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service makes available to interested parties the form I-914 (Application for T non-immigrant status), to apply for temporary benefits if you are a victim of severe human trafficking. To submit the process, the completed packet must be sent to: Vermont Service Center38 River RoadEssex Junction, VT 05479-0001.

All applications must be complete, submitted and signed, so that the identity and eligibility of the applicants can be guaranteed.

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