Surgical waiting lists by specialty

Despite the notable decline in surgical waiting lists in Spain, the problem has increased in five specialties. Is about Gynecology, Cardiac Surgery, Angiology, Thoracic Surgery and Neurosurgery, the only ones in which the positive trend that has been registered in the last year is broken at a general level.

Data from the Information System on Waiting Lists at the National Health Center (SISLE-SNS) reveal that the specialty in which the situation worsened is Neurosurgery, with a increase of 1,545 patients between June 2020 and the same month in 2021. In total, in Spain there are 14,594 individuals in this situation. On the other hand, in Gynecology the increase was 1,450 people (up to 30,495).

The escalation of patients waiting to be operated on is noticeably lower in the rest of the branches. In Thoracic Surgery, according to Health data, the increase is 204 people (2,023 in total), while in Cardiac Surgery it reaches 283 (3,626). Somewhat higher was this growth in Angiology and Vascular Surgery (527 more until 16,493).

Surgical waiting time

However, all the specialties have seen the waiting time of patients reduced before going through the operating room. The fall has been especially great in that of Plastic surgery (-102), followed by those of Pediatric Surgery (-62), Dermatology (-61) Ophthalmology (-58), ENT (-51).
As a whole, the average waiting time has been reduced by 49 days to 121 days, although 18.9 percent of patients have still been waiting their turn for more than six months.

Surgical waiting lists by specialty

The records are generally positive. Between June 2020 and the same month in 2021, the surgical waiting lists have ‘diminished’ in 30,346 patients, something that is especially due to the improvement in the specialties of Traumatology (-8,309), ENT (-7,637), General and Digestive Surgery (-4,839) and Ophthalmology (-4,062).

However, Traumatology and General Surgery are precisely the specialties with the highest waiting list, with 172,397 and 121,843 patients, respectively.

Somewhat less but also sensitive was the drop in patients in Dermatology (-3,202), Plastic Surgery (-2,523), Pediatric Surgery (-2,473), as well as in Maxillofacial Surgery (-245).

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