Sung Seok-gu, who noticed the “fake game”, wrote a handwritten letter of apology to his elder Nam Myung-ryul: “Enough” – The Hankyoreh

  1. Sung Suk Goo, who spotted the “fake game”, apologizes to his eldest Nam Myung Ryul.Hankyore
  2. Song Suk Gu apologizes in a handwritten letter to Nam Myung Ryul, Sr., who pointed out the remarks about the “fake game”.yunhap news
  3. (Interview) “Return to the play” Song Seok Goo “The best compliment one can hear is that you were just like you” / JTBC NewsroomJTBC News
  4. “I apologized to Nam Myung Ryul in a handwritten letter,” Sung Suk Goo explained his remarks about the “fake game.”Mile Economy
  5. Song Seok-gu clarifies his remark about the “fake game”: “Misunderstanding makes life worth living… I apologize for the handwritten letter”no cut news
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