Summary of the match Rayados vs. Chivas (0-1); Monterrey penalty penaltyHalf time

striped started on the left foot Closing 2023Well, with little football and few dangerous arrivals, Chivas took a valuable victory from Gigante de Acero, winning 1-0 on Matchday 1 with a goal from Alexis Vega.

Monterrey had many dangerous arrivals and both Rogelio Funes Mori and Germán Berterame did not tire of making mistakes, and although Guadalajara was left with 10 men due to the expulsion of Gilberto Sepúlveda at 78′, they could not even match. Still at 87′ Berterame missed a penalty.

Striped forgave and much

At 7′, Funes Mori received a leaked ball from Maxi Meza, the Mellizo tried with his shot, but it was with little power and into the body of goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez.

Funes Mori had another two plays, one in which he lacked centimeters with his head to connect the ball on his jump, and at 20′ he sent the ball over the top.

Berterame also missed, had the first at 25′ after Erick Aguirre’s cross and blew the ball away with his header.

Chivas finally had theirs at 28′, Fernando Beltrán had the first, but rushed to shoot before the goalkeeper’s bailing and Medina’s sweep, for which his shot flew.

Immediately at 29′ came another dangerous play by Rayados, Maxi Meza entered the area, but his shot went just one way, until it moved the net to the outside.

And Monterrey did not tire of failing, at 38′ it was the second from Berterame, who, after a corner kick, sent his header to the side.

Suddenly, the Gang was saved from Guadalajara’s goal, because with a defensive error, first by Stefan who left the ball to the rival and Héctor Moreno by a cold mark so that Uriel Pérez free shot inside the area and the ball crashed into the crossbar at 40′.

To top it all off, in stoppage time for the first half, Funes Mori was finally able to score with a header, but the goal didn’t count as the Twin was offside.

Chivas got up early in the second half

When it was just minute 47, Alexis Vega took the ball, walked around the boundaries and took a smashed shot that hit the near post, with a slight deflection from Héctor Moreno; Andrada did not move, he only saw the 1-0 pass.

The tie seemed to fall at 52′, when Funes Mori received a filtered pass and entered the area, but Jiménez came out to reduce and blocked his shot in an incredible way.

Desperation began to fall on Rayados, so Ponchito noticed because his teammates did not score a goal and at 59′ he wanted to make it on his own, but the defense covered him and Funes Mori became furious with him for not giving him the ball when he arrived without a mark to close by second post.

Chivas’ mistake, he stays with 10

Chivas had improved in the second half, but their outlook turned gray after the expulsion of Gilberto Sepúlveda, who pulled Maxi Meza and earned a red card at 78′, enough time for a reaction from La Pandilla.

The curse continues in Rayados

The tie was in the hands of Rayados, when at 82′ Jesús Orozco stepped on Berterame inside the area and with the help of VAR, the referee marked the maximum penalty.

And the curse of penalties continues in Monterrey, Berterame flew his shot from eleven steps, thus letting go of the opportunity to equalize the score at 87′.

Still at 93′, Rodrigo Aguirre’s header endangered Chivas’ victory, but the goalkeeper was able to keep the ball and remain calm and zero.

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