Summary of the match Atlas vs Monterrey (1-1). Foxes go to Semifinals

The Atlas still alive in the Opening 2021 and with the aggregate score tied 1-1 at Rayados from Monterrey he got as the second Semifinalist thanks to his best position in the General Table, phase to which I had not accessed for 17 years, and in which curiously he faced Pumas, his next rival.

It was at the Opening 2004 when the Foxes entered the anteroom of the Final, and that confrontation did not leave them so good memories, since those of the UNAM eliminated them by an overall score of 6-4.

The Foxes now look better, a very united team that shows on the court, and thanks to the support of La Fiel they went ahead to eliminate the Rayados, on a night full of drama and with a touch of controversy.

In a bleacher painted entirely red and black, Atlas came out sharp and ringing, from the first minute he attacked and at 2 ‘they annulled a goal for out of place.

A whiplash came from the right side of the Rojinegros, and within the area was Anderson Santamaria, who headed in and scored, however, the score was canceled out of place.

Later came the controversy. At 16 ‘ Luis Reyes fell into the area on a play with Erick Aguirre, the ball went over the end line and everything stopped as the whistler, with the help of the VAR, considered that there was a criminal on the Bone.

The play was clear and no contact is seen, this did not matter to July furch that at 18 ‘he took the ball, released the shot to beat Esteban Andrada and set the Jalisco Stadium on fire; Atlas was already winning it at home 1-0.

Foxes lurked and Diego Barbosa missed another inside the area: The Rojinegros sought to finalize the series against Rayados.

The second half had fewer scoring chances. Of what little was Rayados. First Vincent Janssen at 64 ‘when he finished off a ball that was left to him.

Tension in Jalisco

At 72 ‘Rayados found the tie. They say that for the wedge to tighten it has to be of the same suit and it was Alfonso González who made it 1-1 in a shot from head to center by Maxi Meza.

After the goal, the Atlas youth player, today a Monterrey player, fell badly and had to go out of exchange.

Meza took a free kick at 78 ‘, which passed near Camilo’s goal. This undoubtedly was a scare for the more than 20 thousand followers present.

Atlas responded until 83 ‘with a Chilean by Julián Quiñones that he sent over the goal of Rayados.

The final part was full of nerves. Atlas endured and Rayados tried, then the roles changed.

There was an outbreak of anger that did not pass to greater, until the final whistle of Ramos Palazuelos arrived.

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