Summary of the friendly match Tigres 1-3 Santos; They score and Vigón shines

In a friendly match in San Antonio, Texasthe Toyota Field witnessed a thrashing tigers by Saints; the lagoons took the win 3-1, in a match where those from Michael Herrera They were not accurate and the rival took advantage of spaces.

During the first half, Tigres was very active on offense, but Santos was more accurate, taking advantage of the spaces and having Charles Acevedo; while Nico Lopez I was very involved and Florian Thauvin a little crossed with his shots on goal.

Given this, the Lagunero team was able to have an early advantage by scoring at minute 5 Harold Preciousand the felines failed to equalize in that first part with their starters: Miguel Ortega, Jesús Angulo, Igor Lichnovsky, Hugo Ayala, Javier Aquino, Guido Pizarro, Juan Pablo Vigón, Yeferson Soteldo, Florian Thauvin and Nico López.

Immediately when the complementary part began, the changes arrived, Yeferson Soteldo, Jesús Angulo, Sebastián Córdova and Florian Thauvin left and left their places to Leo, Carioca, Fulgencio and Venegas.

And so quickly at 46 ‘the annotation of John Paul Vigonwould equalize with a great goal, hitting him with his heel and without being in front of the goal.

The pleasure of the draw did not last long, because at 47′ the goal of the Warriorsagain by Harold Preciado.

The tooth He narrowly scored his goal at 54′, but his shot went wide; but Santos did not forgive the 57′, Xavier Correa scored the third of the night by criminal means, because they had committed a foul on Fernando Gorriaran within the area.

In minute 62, the felines left the field Juan Pablo Vigón, Guido Pizarro, Hugo Ayala and Javier Aquino, Diego Reyes, Eduardo Tercero, David Ayala, Jesús Dueñas entered.

At minute 77, goalkeeper Miguel Ortega, defender Igor, striker Diente López left for Tigres; Nahuel Guzmán and the youngsters González Peña and Enrique Prieto entered.

The felines kept trying, but they couldn’t get closer in the score that ended 3-1 for the Laguneros.

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