Subsidized Electric Motorcycle Purchase Requirements KTP only! Quota stays here


The requirements for the purchase of a “subsidized” electric motorcycle from the state are becoming easier: now one RTP (Resident Identification Card) can buy one unit. So, how many electric motorcycle quotas are left?

This year, the government has provided a discount of 7 million rupees for electric motorcycles, which will reach 200,000 units. This program has been in place since March 2023 but is considered uninteresting as electric motorcycle subsidies require KUR (People’s Business Credit), Micro Business Manufacturing Assistance (BUPM) recipients, wage subsidy assistance recipients, and electricity subsidy recipients up to 900 VA.

But now Industry Minister Agus Gumivang has issued Industry Minister Resolution No. 21 of 2023 to amend Permenperin No. 21 of 2023. 6 of 2023 on the Government Assistance Guidelines for the Purchase of Two-Wheeled Battery Electric Vehicles (KBLBB).

“The main basis for this policy change is to accelerate the development of the country’s electric vehicle ecosystem and create a cleaner Indonesia. This goal will certainly have an impact on increasing investment, stimulating industrial productivity and competitiveness, and expanding the workforce.” This was announced by Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwan Kartasasmita in Jakarta on Tuesday (August 29).

The assistance program is provided once for people with the same identification number (NIC).

“This means that people who wish to receive this government assistance program must be Indonesian citizens at least 17 years old and have an electronic CTA. One NIK KTP can buy an electric motorcycle,” Agus explained.

By the end of the year, it is planned to sell 200,000 units of electric motorcycles. However, as of August 28, this goal is still far from being achieved.

Hundreds of subsidized electric motorcycles have been handed out, according to the official website of the Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle Purchase Assistance Information System (SISAPIRA).

Since the government announced subsidies for electric motorcycles on March 20, 2023, only 225 subsidized electric motorcycles have been distributed through Tuesday (August 29, 2023). Common here means that the government has replaced the reduced price of the two-wheel battery KBL from the government to industrial companies.

In addition, only 549 units have been tested. The process of verifying the consistency of data on sales transactions (Consumer Biodata, STNK and TNKB) and the subsequent submission of reimbursement of price discounts to the state for industrial companies.

And the number already in the process of registration has reached 1656 units. Now, out of the 200,000 units allocated to subsidized electric motorcycles this year, the remaining 197,570 units are unallocated.

How interested are kids in joining?

Watch the video “Revisit: IDR 7 million electric motorcycle subsidy requirements to be easier


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