Subsidized Electric Motorcycle Purchase Requirements Are Getting Easier, More And More Enthusiasts Are Expected


The requirements for the purchase of subsidized electric motorcycles are becoming simpler: they only need to have an Indonesian citizen’s PTS. With this convenience, it is hoped that electric motorcycles will be in increasing demand.

The government has provided subsidies for electric motorcycles that meet certain requirements. The requirement in question is to use a minimum internal component level (TKDN) of 40%. Currently, there are 30 models of electric motors that meet these requirements. Thus, 30 models of electric motorcycles can be purchased at a discount of IDR 7 million.

Models vary, as do prices. Some of them sell for as low as IDR 5 million, but some go as high as IDR 40 million. You can adjust the selection according to your budget.

Price list of 30 subsidized electric motorcycles:

  1. Exotic Sterrato: IDR 5,590,000
  2. Exotic Vito: IDR 5,790,000.
  3. Exotic Mizone: IDR 6,190,000
  4. MX1200 AT: IDR 8,800,000
  5. GreenTech Aero: IDR 9,403,999
  6. GreenTech Scood: IDR 9,947,657
  7. Volta 401: IDR 9,950,000.
  8. Vice President of GreenTech: IDR 10,298,999.
  9. Volta 402: IDR 11,100,000.
  10. Combat Smoot: IDR 11,500,000.
  11. Volta 403: IDR 11,950,000.
  12. Smooth Zuzu: IDR 12,900,000.
  13. Polytron: IDR 13,500,000.
  14. Celis Emax: IDR 13,500,000
  15. Yadea T9: IDR 14,500,000.
  16. Viar, first quarter: IDR 14,520,000.
  17. V5Lit engine: IDR 15,000,000.
  18. Yadea E8S Pro: 16,900,000 tr.
  19. Rakata S9: IDR 20,500,000.
  20. Raya Gesits: IDR 20,990,000.
  21. Celis Agats: IDR 21,790,000.
  22. Gesits G1: IDR 21,970,000
  23. Atoms: IDR 22,000,000.
  24. Go Plus: IDR 22,499,000.
  25. Rakata X5: IDR 22,100,000.
  26. United T1800 A/T: IDR 23,500,000.
  27. United TX1800 A/T: IDR 26,900,000.
  28. AlvaOne: IDR 29,490,000
  29. Alva Cervo: IDR 35,750,000.
  30. United TX3000 A/T: IDR 42,900,000.

Conditions for buying a subsidized motorcycle

To be able to apply for a subsidized electric motorcycle, you need to have ID, be at least 17 years old and most importantly, be an Indonesian citizen. Compared to the old requirements, the new requirements are somewhat simpler. This change in requirements was made to make subsidized electric motorcycles more desirable. As you know, the government intends to subsidize 200 thousand units of electric motorcycles. However, because conditions were considered difficult, only 225 subsidized electric motorcycles have been handed out since the rules were published in March 2023.

“With the new scheme, this will definitely increase public interest. Even now, many industries have asked questions. What we hope is to speed up this regulation (scheme change). So until December, we are optimistic,” said the head member of the Indonesia Electric Motorcycle Association ( Aismoli) Budi Setyadi.

Budi added that this optimism is also driven by the industry’s willingness to provide electric motorcycles. In fact, not only to meet the demand from the public, but the industry is also ready to meet the requests of a number of government agencies that have been asked to use electric vehicles as operational vehicles.

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