Street artist Toxic Crow allegedly beats Haitian in fury

A video in which supposedly the urban artist has gone viral on social networks Luis Enrique Caonabo Mesa, better known as “Toxic Crow”, fiercely and savagely beats an apparent Haitian citizen who would be carrying out some type of robbery in the area of ​​the event.

With his arms tied behind his back, the young man apparently stole the mirrors of a vehicle parked in the underground parking lot of an apartment tower whose location is unknown.

The exact date and place of the event that occurred is still unknown, but in another video, the young man is asked about the person who would receive the rear-view mirrors, to which he replies that he would give him someone by the name of “Adonis.”

Deputies and urbanites try to clean up music lyrics

The young man attacked, at one point asks not to give him more blows “My dad didn’t give me. Adonis, you can take me, Adonis, my dad, I’m not going to speak a lie ”.

However, it should be noted that at the time of the young man being attacked there were other people who did not intervene so that the urban artist did not continue with the action.

The action seen in the video has generated various comments of outrage on social networks.

Moment of the aggression.

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