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The shortage of teachers could be huge, and a big wave of resignations may only come later.

It seems that even in the government and the National Association of Teachers close to it, there is no consensus on this issue.

The “zero” week has begun in the country’s schools, that is, the week that lays the foundation for the annual work, the school year also begins on Friday. The question is where, how will the problem of the often painful shortage of teachers be addressed.

A teacher at a Budapest school told RTL Híradó that he believes the labor shortage can be solved with forced solutions.

“Parents have a lot of fear and anxiety about whether their child will have a specialist teacher this school year. Many people are afraid that schools will introduce all sorts of forced decisions. For example, they eliminate group divisions.”

he said hirado Gyorgy Mikloshi, parental voice organization representative by name

The aforementioned teacher from Budapest also talked about what they had recently been told, for example, that there would be no teachers during the day. This will also mean that a qualified teacher spends only 1 hour a day with the children. The rest of the time with students can be spent by the so-called noxos, that is, employees who do not have a higher education and “directly provide educational work.”

A government official has a slightly different opinion about the shortage of teachers and its consequences National Faculty of Education and the State Secretariat for Education. While the organization’s president said teacher shortages could be a problem in many places, Secretary of State Bence Retwari told a press conference that “There were no extraordinary changes in the number of teachers either, so training can begin as early as early September”.

Tamas Totik, Union of Teachers According to the vice president, the government’s measures show that it is also aware of the teacher shortage problem.

“Why do they insist on re-employment of pensioners? Why were laws introduced so that teaching assistants can take care of daycare activities in the afternoon? Why was it forbidden by law to teach without qualifications, and why are candidates being recruited at universities and colleges to encourage undergraduate students to teach?

– lists the questions of the trade union leader.

Tamas Totijk also drew attention to the fact that to date, about 2,000 teachers have applied for dismissal due to the so-called status law. Those who remain will have to decide by the end of September whether they will sign the law on the new legal status of teachers.

According to the leader of the union, another wave of resignations is expected within a few weeks.

RTL Híradó report on teacher shortage

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