Stephen Curry revealed his 5 favorite NBA players


Names like Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson appeared among Stephen Curry’s 5 favorite players in the NBA. It didn’t include LeBron James!

Stephen Curry, NBA star
© Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesStephen Curry, NBA star

in the history of the NBA the name is written in gold letters Stephen Curry. the star of Golden State Warriors Not only is he the all-time leading 3-point shooter, he changed the way the league was played by making unthinkable long-range shots his biggest strength. To know more about ‘Chef’!

The tradition of remembering epic declarations had a new chapter at the hands of the Warriors Latam Twitter account, which brought Curry’s five favorite players to the present day. Stephen surprised and did not include LeBron James.

Stephen Curry started with no one else and no one less than Michael Jordan. The Golden State Warriors star grew up watching MJ’s legacy with the famous Chicago Bulls who won six titles, two Three-Peat (three consecutive championships), in an eight-year period.

With four more spots remaining, Curry opted for players with great ball-handling skills and effective shooting from the field. Although it is true that Stephen recognized to Bolavip how great LeBron James is, this time he did not choose him as one of his five favorite NBA players.

Did not include LeBron James: Stephen Curry revealed his 5 favorite NBA players

“Since I see the game, they were MJ (Michael Jordan), AI (Allen Iverson), Steve Nash, Reggie Miller and Muggsy (Bogues). But I still can’t get over the visuals of seeing Mugs play like me. Still to me it is one of the most amazing achievements of all time. Those would be my five. Stephen Curry answered on February 15, 2022 when asked on the podcast ‘Knuckleheads’ who were your five favorite players in the NBA.

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