Statement by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Deputy Head of State Lai Jingde’s Plans to ‘Transit’ to US – Xinhua

Statement by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Deputy Head of State Lai Jingde’s Plans to ‘Transit’ to US – Xinhua<br />

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Aug. 3 A Foreign Ministry official answered a reporter’s question on Aug. 3 about Lai Qingde, deputy head of the Taiwan region of China, who plans to “transit” to the United States.

The reporter asked: According to reports, the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party authorities announced on the 2nd that Deputy Taiwan Regional Leader Lai Jing-de was leaving Taiwan for Paraguay to attend the inauguration of the President of Brazil on the 12th. and will be a “transit” between New York and San Francisco in the United States. What is the press secretary’s comment?

The representative stated that China strongly opposes any form of official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, strongly opposes “Taiwan independence” separatists fleeing the United States under any name and for any reason, and strongly opposes the connivance and support of the United States “Independence Taiwan” separatists and their separatist behavior in any form.

The Chinese representative said that the Taiwan issue is the core of China’s core interests and an insurmountable red line in China-US relations. China urges the United States to abide by the One China Principle and the provisions of the Three Joint Sino-U.S. Communiqués, faithfully fulfill the commitments made by U.S. leaders not to support “Taiwan independence”, stop formal exchanges between the U.S. and Taiwan, stop improving the substantial US-Taiwan relations, and end the split aside” independence of Taiwan. China will closely monitor the development of the situation and take strong and decisive measures to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We tell the DPP authorities that there is no way out for ‘Taiwan independence’ and that the beauty of Taiwan and the sale of Taiwan will harm the people of Taiwan. Any attempt to collude with outside forces to provoke “independence” is doomed to failure.” the representative said.

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