Star Wars KOTOR 2: Best Crystal and Lightsaber Combinations

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, commonly known as KOTOR 2) is a game by Obsidian Entertainment released in 2004 on Xbox and PC, but has recently returned for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

This port of this LucasArts classic (which will include never-before-seen extras) is an action RPG in which we create ourselves as an exiled Jedi from the Jedi Order: we can choose our force powers and also create our lightsaber.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (KOTOR 2) – Trailer iOS and Android

Star Wars KOTOR 2: Best Crystal and Lightsaber Combinations

Editing our lightsaber is a key mechanic in KOTOR 2, and there are over 20 different kyber crystals that grant different abilities. Here we explain the best combinations of laser crystals.

Best crystals to strengthen your attacks

  • Upari: +1-8 damage, +3 attack
  • Ponite Lens: +1 bonus attack +2-12 energy damage
  • Barab Ore Ingot: +2-12 shot damage
  • Diatium Energy Cell: +5 damage

Best crystals to reflect lasers

  • Jenruax Crystal: +2 Damage, +5 deflect blaster shots
  • Lorrdian Gemstone Crystal: +3 deflect blaster shots
  • Telgorn Jolt III Cell: +1-8 electrical damage
  • Expert Deflection Emitter: +1 defense, +4 deflect blaster shots
  • Ossus Dueling Lens: +2 bonus attack, +3 deflect blaster shots

Better crystals to deal more damage to droids

  • Firkrann Crystal: +2-12 droid damage
  • Barab Crystal: +2-12 damage
  • Superior Energy Cell: +2 Ion Damage, +1-12 Droid Damage +1-6 Critical Damage
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With these combinations of crystals for the lightsaber in Star Wars KOTOR 2 it will be easier for you to prepare to fight against different types of enemies.

KOTOR 2 is the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, also available on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch from Aspyr. This studio is also developing the full remake for PS5 and PC, which will be released soon.

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