Star Wars fans celebrate Diego Luna’s birthday

Star Wars fans celebrate Diego Luna's birthday

Star Wars fans celebrate Diego Luna’s birthday

Diego Luna began his career in Mexico and soon demonstrated his ability to conquer the camera and the stage. It was a matter of time and opportunity for Hollywood to notice his abilities and allow him to reach more audiences with his productions. The interpreter has been working in that industry for years and has always been considered one of the most outstanding Mexican artists in the field. Although his career is not without major projects, others like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (85%) served to popularize his name and also make him a relevant figure in one of the most important sagas in history. . Star Wars fans took advantage of his birthday to praise his work and recognize his contribution to the canon.

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diego luna He was born on December 29, 1979 and began working as an actor a few years later. After the traditional stint in Mexican soap operas, the actor began to attract attention with films such as Todo el poder and Before Nightfall (73%). Without a doubt, Y Tu Mamá También (92%) was the film that catapulted his career along with that of Gael García Bernal, who has found his own place in another popular franchise. His first steps in Hollywood were somewhat shaky, but he soon found an interesting path in independent film that allowed him to make the right contacts.

He soon found himself working with big names like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg on La Terminal (61%), but without leaving Latin productions like Rudo and Cursi (73%) behind. In 2016 it premiered Rogue One, a spin-off of the original Star Wars trilogy where he shared credits with Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Mads Mikkelsen. Although fans of the saga have always been very loyal, they recognized that the new trilogy was not what they expected and this independent project worked much better to get their attention and remind them of the great power that Star Wars has as a franchise.

The tape was so well received that much was said about a second part, despite the fact that its ending is quite clear about the fate of the protagonists, and that is that the public had already become fond of them. After a long time, the company found the perfect way to bring back a small part of this story with a prequel series dedicated to the character of Andor (90%). diego luna He did not miss the opportunity to take more control over the matter and even helped in the development of the story and the chapters to leave a great space for the evolution of this hero who goes through many adversities before the story of Rogue One that we already know

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Andor it was one of the company’s strangest premieres. Disney Plus became a safe space for interesting projects like The Mandalorian (90%), which managed to capture what made the original trilogy famous. However, by the time Andor It reached the platform and there was already wear and tear among the fans who took a long time to pay attention to it. Despite being considered the most mature series and one of the best achieved, Andor It did not have as many viewers as others. This does not prevent followers from recognizing his importance and the great work he has done diego luna on paper and that is why many went to social networks to show their admiration and affection.

Happy birthday to our very own Cassian Andor, Diego Luna.

Please join us in wishing our favorite Rebel agent Diego Luna a very happy birthday. We hope you have a great and relaxing day in Niamos, without any imperial fuss!

Happy birthday Diego Luna

Happy birthday Diego Luna, the true love of my life, the cutest adult child ever. I love you forever.


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Happy birthday Diego Luna! Today he turns 43 years old.

Happy birthday Diego Luna. Thank you for saving my life in 2022. I mean it.

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