SSD disk, Windows 10 and more for € 279!

The model in question is the Lenovo V14, a computer that, as its name suggests, has a screen of 14 inch It offers HD resolution, and is a very attractive option for all those who are looking for a laptop that offers good performance for routine tasks of word processing, Internet browsing, checking e-mail, etc.

Lenovo laptop on sale for only € 279

This Lenovo laptop has a very very affordable recommended sale price on Amazon, only 309.99 euros, but thanks to the discount now applied to this model, it is possible to get it for nothing more than 279.99 euros. In addition, it is a product in which Amazon offers the possibility of paying in four installments of 70 euros without having to bear any interest rate.

laptop lenovo v14 front

The delivery time is three business days, except for Amazon Prime customers who can receive it in just two days. The offer includes free shipping In any case, we will not have to add any additional cost to receive this interesting Lenovo laptop at home.

Ideal for daily use without demands

Going into more detail about the characteristics or specifications of this Lenovo V14, it must be said that it is a computer that has a processor inside Athlon 3020E, that together with their 4 GB RAM memory They are in charge of promoting the team. When it comes to internal storage, you have either a solid state drive or 128GB SSD of capacity to save everything we want and that offers a great speed of access and data transfer.

The screen of this Lenovo laptop is 14 inches, it offers a resolution 1280x720p, brightness of up to 220 nits and has an anti-glare system so that we can use it wherever we go without any problem. It has an integrated graphics card and the operating system that is responsible for managing all this hardware is none other than Windows 10 in its Pro edition.

laptop lenovo v14 side

At the design level, it is a team that has a body very slim with very narrow frames and that it offers great resistance, since it has been subjected to different tests of reliability and durability in extreme conditions and typical day-to-day situations. At the connectivity level, this Lenovo laptop offers a complete connectivity section with USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, SD card reader and 3.5 mm mini jack port for the use of headphones and microphone.

An ideal equipment for personal use, compact in size and weighing approximately two kilograms that we can easily and comfortably carry wherever we go in a briefcase, bag or backpack for 14-inch laptops. This way we can protect it from any blow, fall or inclement weather.

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