SRE confirms first arrest of Mexicans in Qatar, there are four! | News from Mexico

DOHA, Qatar.- The Mexicans who went to Qatar to support your team In this World Cup they have fun in their own way, always taking into account the existing restrictions, although sometimes this is not possible.

After the debut of Mexico vs Polandthere was the case of the first Mexicans arrested for breaking Qatari laws, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) informed about it.

Through a statement, the SRE revealed that the general director of Consular Protection and Strategic PlanningVanessa Calva Ruiz, handled the case of four Mexicans arrested after the meeting between Mexico and Poland.

Why were the Mexicans arrested in Qatar?

The report details that the Mexicans drank alcohol inside the stadium during the match, situation that is prohibited in Qatar.

the sre adds that the two fans “were reeling from having too many drinks,” another brought with him additional tickets that belonged to him and the last one carried a large amount of money with him. Everything was complicated because the security personnel did not speak English, making it difficult for them to communicate to clarify everything.

Later, the director indicated that “all 4 cases were resolved satisfactorily” after “provide timely follow-up and maintain constant communication with authorities and people”.

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