Squatting Ana Bárbara Imposes Herself and Wears Only a Shirt With Fishnet Stockings

There is no doubt that Ana Bárbara knows how to captivate her fans and she made it clear by uploading a daring image that blew the imagination of thousands of users on social networks

Again, the famous Mexican singer-songwriter, Ana Bárbara wasted her beauty in front of the cameras and unleashed intense reactions among her fans after posting an attractive photograph on her social networks, where she once again showed off her spectacular figure by modeling with an outfit simple that made the imagination of Internet users fly.

As is customary, the popular interpreter of ‘How do I need you’ and ‘Ya no te creo nada’, through her digital platforms, exposed which would be one of the outfits that she would wear on the television program ‘I have talent, a lot of talent ‘, in which he participates as a jury alongside Don Cheto, Pepe Garza and El Fastasma.

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However, the beautiful composer decided to put aside the elaborate clothes and preferred to use a simple look that was not at all discreet, as she flaunted her shapely figure with the little she wore. 


Through her personal account on the camera’s social network, the beautiful Potosina producer uploaded a postcard that surprised thousands of Internet users, since she had no problem imposing herself before the camera with a single garment that caused all kinds of reactions in her more than two million followers.

For this image, Ana Bárbara chose to be seen in a daring pose, so she squatted together with a hand on her hip, wore an ‘oversize’ (too large) white shirt with a strawberry print like never before, in addition, to wear fishnet stockings and extra-long black boots that have become a trend in the fall-winter season.

As if that were not enough, the Mexican regional music singer accompanied her outfit with a translucent long-sleeved top that she wore under the shirt and a pair of large hoop earrings that gave the final touch to her look.

As expected, the publication caused a stir on the platform, and in just a couple of hours, Internet users had already appeared to leave their little red hearts and hundreds of messages full of compliments, among which stand out: “in goddess”, ” my queen ”,“ you are beautiful ”,“ you are a doll ”,“ I love you ”,“ divine ”.


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