Spotify will raise subscription fees |

While various streaming services have already raised their prices, Spotify has long resisted changing the rates, but now it’s time to raise them.

The price of the standard Spotify subscription plan will increase from $9.99 per month to $10.99, up $1. To the best of our knowledge, the price change will only affect the individual user plan, but the prices of other subscription plans will not be increased. Price changes will take effect in the last week of July in the US, but price increases in other markets will occur in the coming months.

Apple Music, for example, raised its $1 subscription fee to $10.99 a month almost a year ago. This was explained by the fact that licensing costs have increased, but this will allow the musicians themselves to earn more through streaming services.

Relatively recently, Spotify changed the payment system, prohibiting the purchase of a tariff plan through the Apple App Store. Now this can only be done through direct Spotify, allowing Spotify to increase revenue and see full cash flow.

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