Sports Breakfast 7.24|Zheng Qinwen wins inaugural WTA Tour championship, NBA allows Jordan to sell Hornets_League of Legends_Mobile Games_Season

Original title: Sports Breakfast 7.24 | Zheng Qinwen wins first WTA Tour championship NBA allows Jordan to sell Hornets

Early morning 24 July WTA 250 PaThe fight for reaching the final of the Le Mo station began, in which the opponents were Zheng Qinwen, seeded at number 2, and Paolini, seeded at number 5.After three sets, Zheng Qinwen defeated her opponent 2-1 to win the first championship in her personal career tour, becoming the 12th Golden Flower of China to win a championship on the WTA tour.At the same time, the 20-year-oldZheng Qinwen also became the youngest Chinese women’s singles champion.

More interestingly, Zheng Qinwen took her first win in the main WTA match in Palermo in 2021, and now she has won her first WTA singles championship at this station two years later. This is undoubtedly her blessed land.Last season, Zheng Qinwen was awarded the Best Rookie Award by the International Women’s Tennis Association for her outstanding performance. This time, she won the championship. Let Zheng Qinwen score 280 points and her world ranking will rise to 24th place.

The July 24 news, Voy said, sources revealed that the NBA board of directors approved Jordan’s sale of the Charlotte Hornets to a group led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnell, clearing the way for the end of Michael Jordan’s 13-year journey as the Hornets’ largest shareholder.

Sources said the NBA Board of Governors voted 29-1 to approve the deal, with New York Knicks owner James Duran casting the only vote against.The stake Jordan is selling is valued at around $3 billion and the deal will close within the next one to two weeks.

marketing cooperation

League of Legends Mobile Game Official Announcement: Will collaborate with Jay Chou to launch national style skin Jay Chou will be actively involved in the design

On July 23, the mobile game League of Legends officially announced that it will be collaborating with brand representative Jay Chou to launch an exclusive new series of national style skins. This skin pack will be designed by Jay Chou. And with a classical song as the theme, he shows the power of the clash between the national style and popular classics, and interprets the beauty of the new national style.

Industry dynamics

KBG wins League of Legends Asian League season 1 championship

On July 23, when KBG finally introduced the WRL CN division and won the Asian League 1 (WRL A1) Mobile Game League of Legends Championship, becoming the first team to win the Asian League Championship Trophy. League season 1 final in Beijing, JDG Intel E-sports Center.

With the end of the first season of the League of Legends Mobile Asian League (WRL A1), the second season of the League of Legends Mobile Asian League (WRL A2) is expected to take place from September to December of this year.

Fuxing Asian Games’ smart train rolls off the production line

On July 21, Fuxing Asian Games’ smart electric train officially rolled off the assembly line in Changchun. During the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games, the Asian Games smart electric trains will be used in rail transportation in Hangzhou and five cities including Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing and Huzhou.

The Fuxing Asian Games Smart Electric Train is a 4-train, 4-trailer electric train with a design speed of 350 km/h and a capacity of 578 people.

Magic Johnson buys stake in NFL Washington Commanders, bringing the number of clubs under his name to five

A few days ago, a consortium led by 76ers owner Harris bought the NFL’s Washington Commander for $6.05 billion, setting a record for the acquisition of an American professional sports club. Magic Johnson was also a member of this consortium, and his business spans five major professional sports clubs.

Johnson is worth over $620 million and owns shares in the NFL Washington Commanders, MLS Los Angeles FC, WNBA Los Angeles Sparks, MLB Los Angeles Dodgers and Team Liquid.

ELECTRO X Functional Drink Completes Tens of Million RMB Pre-A Funding Round

Recently, according to Jinglian GymSquare, sports drink brand ELECTRO X completed a new pre-A funding round of tens of millions of yuan, led by Yiyuan Capital and later by Dongjin Food. ELECTRO X was founded in 2021. Starting with new sports categories, with precise audience positioning, it caters to the ever-evolving urban sports categories and creates a diversified sports drink product matrix.Return to Sohu to see more

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