Specialized databases for the medical sector, with BancoDatos

Specialized databases for the medical sector, with BancoDatos

Today, one of the greatest contributions of information technology to the business environment are databases, since they allow detailed information on customers to be displayed in a categorical way. It is for this reason that more and more companies, regardless of their size, are committed to using this type of resources, hiring specialized external companies.

One of the most outstanding companies in this field is BancoDatos, which collects information through different analysis techniques, managing to provide key data such as, for example, the database of doctors and specialists in Spain and the emails of medical clinics in Spain. that allow departments of marketing establish effective communication strategies.

Benefits of using BancoDatos in the medical industry

With a last update made in April 2022, BancoDatos has a list of medical clinics in Spain that gathers information from more than 11 thousand companies, among which stand out more than 4,000 thousand e-mails of medical clinics and 11,080 telephone records. Likewise, it also offers information on the postal code, address and social networks of each of the companies in this sector.

Likewise, the company has a solid database of doctors and specialists in Spain, where more than 11,500 contact telephone numbers are registered and, as in the previous case, it also concentrates different aspects of relevant information for a price less than 50 euros.

Both the database of medical clinics in Spain and the list of doctors and specialists are characterized by directly benefiting the departments of marketingsince they contribute to planning effective and appropriate strategies to the needs of the clients. To do this, they deliver this type of list in Excel or CSV formats, which makes it easier for users to access the information.

A strategic ally for the business sector

As a specialized company, BancoDatos has focused on guarantee transparency and quality in each of the products offereddeveloping a registry of emails of doctors and specialists in Spain, as well as a list of medical clinics in Spain using big data and IT.

Likewise, this company is characterized by being duly certified, complying with all the regulations in force in Spanish territory, related to the protection of information, which allows them toe guarantee ethics and professionalism in data collection for the development of each of its listings.

Through the BancoDatos platform, interested companies can verify the content of each of their databases, as well as their cost. Additionally, it is possible view the different payment methods available to the company to ensure the convenience of its customers.

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