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The commercial company Reciclaje Mariel sa was established with the aim of supporting the work carried out in the Mariel Special Development Zone (zedm).

The new company has totally Cuban capital and will belong to the Recycling Business Group (ger), offering solid waste collection and processing services, with the exception of those considered dangerous and radioactive, Mincex reported on its website.

Likewise, it will commercialize the products resulting from its activity in the national market and for export, said Julio Antonio Sardiña Bueno, director of Quality and communication of the ger, according to the Cuban News Agency.

He pointed out that Remasa is founded in correspondence with the need to promote, under current conditions, effective strategies of the circular economy, while opening the door to the participation of foreign capital in the field of recycling.

The recycling industry in Cuba takes on special significance in order to reduce the impacts of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States. uu and the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

So far in 2021, 100,000 tons of ferrous scrap destined for steel mills have been recovered, without import requirements, which would cost Cuba about 40 million dollars. (National Editorial Office)

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