Spanish justice confirms extradition of former Venezuelan Treasury chief to the US


File photo of November 21, 2018. Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén, who was a nurse to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Treasurer of the Republic, assures that her country is not a rule of law and denounces that she will be tortured there if Spain finally He extradites her for crimes that, he emphasizes, she never committed.


The Spanish National Court confirmed the extradition of the former head of the Venezuelan Treasury Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén to the United States, claimed for money laundering and criminal organization.

He allegedly favored businessman Raúl Gorrín in a foreign currency exchange scheme that earned him hundreds of millions of dollars.

The magistrates, in a car known this Friday, dismissed the appeal presented by Díaz Guillén, also known as Hugo Chávez’s nurse, against his surrender, approved last October.

The court argues that the facts attributed by the North American justice to the defendant and that it typifies as a criminal association to commit money laundering and two crimes of money laundering, have an equivalent in Spain, a requirement for extradition.

The United States authorities suspect that Gorrín paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to ensure the right to participate in currency exchange transactions that reported millionaire profits.

According to the extradition demand, to hide the payments that allowed Raúl Gorrín to make foreign currency exchanges for the Venezuelan Government and to ensure an undue advantage in acquiring the right to carry out such currency exchange transactions, those involved used bank accounts whose holders they were shell companies.

“And numerous payments of bribes were disguised for the benefit of Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén,” adds the claim, making payments to her husband, Adrián Velásquez Figueroa, who was the bodyguard of Hugo Chávez and whose extradition for these same crimes, but processed in a procedure In addition, the National Court also gave the green light.

The Spanish magistrates emphasize that the masking of the amounts transferred through fictitious companies is what implies the laundering of the money from the bribery of Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén.

According to the claim of the Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida, from 2008 to 2017 Gorrín Belisario, together with Díaz Guillén and her husband, participated with others in a “corrupt ploy” in relation to the foreign currency exchange carried out by the Venezuelan government. in exchange for bribes.

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