Spanish journalist from El Chiringuito comes out in defense of the Cuban regime

The Spanish journalist Alfredo Duro, talkative of the well-known program “El Chiringuito de Jugones”, came out in defense of the Cuban regime after it repressed the activists and Cubans who took a position in favor of the Civic March for Change called by the Archipelago platform for this November 15.

“Eternal thanks to the heroes who more than 60 years ago liberated CUBA with their lives and made Cubans feel proud of themselves by resisting the most miserable blockade in history!”, The Spanish journalist posted on Twitter, after the day of protest will be marked by harassment, violence and state violence imposed by the totalitarian regime in Havana.

Duro, according to Wikipedia, “has worked in various media, such as MARCA, Intereconomía or the now defunct ABC Punto Radio. Despite his short career in the world of journalism, he has frequently staged altercations on television sets or made controversial statements ”.

Followed by many Cuban Internet users who are passionate about soccer and Real Madrid, Duro has passed on social networks to represent for many Cubans the role of the villain, or the foreigner who dares to comment on a reality they do not know. The rain of comments has not been long in coming, and Duro has received a barrage of opinions that do not leave him in a good place.

“You will have extensive knowledge about sports, but you have no idea about the situation in #Cuba, you had to inform yourself with Cubans living in #Cuba and the problems they have, not because of the embargo but because of the blockade imposed by the @PartidoPCC and its communist dictatorship, “said a user who shared an image of the national insignia with a poster that claims that” Cubans have the right to have rights. “

“No brother; I followed you around Madrid. You have no idea what you are talking about; Here there is no milk for the children, they have hundreds of young people watched by the police. Guarded by a simple peaceful march. The blockade affects, but those who liberated Cuba years ago are twisting, ”another commented.

“@ Alfredoduro1 followed you, but it is disappointing to see this type of statement. How cowardly it is to praise a communist regime when you have the comforts that you have from Madrid, that capitalism offers you! Because I do not think you do not collect the euros that the tito @jpedrerol pays, “said another.

“Delete the tweet Alfredo! Your community in Cuba is going to reject you for life! Go to Cuba, spend 3 weeks without the euros you earn and you will see the life that is lived every day! Communism and those murderers you defend deserve the worst! You should clear your mind and rectify, ”advised a third.

The journalist’s tweet also received a reply from the reporter from CiberCuba, Iliana Hernández, who asked him: “What liberation are you talking about? They turned us into slaves, we are not free, a group of gangsters kidnapped us and we want to free ourselves, everything is a lie, blackmail and repression against the people. Some are blackmailed into repressing others, come tomorrow and you will see. # 15NCuba ”.

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