Spain approves that Italy speak with Pollo Carvajal

Spanish justice approved the request of Milan prosecutors to interview former Venezuelan spy chief Hugo Carvajal about the financing of the Caracas regime to the Italian anti-establishment party Movimiento 5 Estrellas, the Spanish press reported on Friday.

The decision could delay the expected extradition to the United States of the former head of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate of Venezuela, who faces drug trafficking charges in the federal prosecutor’s offices in Miami and New York.

The Milan Prosecutor’s Office requested to meet with Carvajal in search of more details about an investigation published in June 2020 by the newspaper ABC of Spain, pointing out that the Hugo Chávez regime sent in 2010 a suitcase with 3.5 million euros in cash to the founder of the Five Star Movement, Gianroberto Casaleggio.

Since then, the anti-system party has become one of the most important in Italy, and currently occupies the largest benches within the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The version was confirmed by Carvajal himself, who in a written statement to the judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, described the Venezuelan financing of various European left parties, including the 5-Star Movement and the Spanish Podemos.

Carvajal’s extradition, which looked imminent and due to take place in a matter of a few days, entered a waiting period at the end of October, after Spain decided to request Washington to provide guarantees that the Venezuelan military man would not be sentenced to life imprisonment. , procedure that should have been carried out from the beginning.

The process, which would have to go through the US State Department, easily guaranteed a delay of several more weeks, and the process could now be further delayed with the authorization given to Italian prosecutors.

Carvajal, captured in September after being a fugitive for almost two years in Spain, has tried to stop his extradition by offering the Spanish justice testimonies and documents demonstrating the corruption activities of the Caracas regime in the European country and its links with senior public officials, including Podemos authorities.

Experts allege that the military’s efforts are due to the fact that the charges in the United States against him are devastating.

According to the New York prosecutor’s office, Chávez’s former head of military intelligence coordinated the shipment of 5.6 tons of cocaine, found in Mexico inside a DC-9 plane that departed from Venezuela in 2006, in a famous case that also links the well-known drug lord Walid Makled.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, for its part, accuses the former Major General of assisting in the operations in Venezuela of the Norte del Valle cartel and, in particular, assisting the Colombian drug trafficker Wilber Arilio Varela Fajardo, also known as “Jabón ”, Before he was found dead in the Venezuelan city of Mérida in 2008.

This story was originally published on November 12, 2021 9:28 am.

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