South Korea deploys military planes after detecting 180 North Korean planes

(CNN) — South Korea deployed around 80 fighter jets after detecting a large number of North Korean warplanes over a four-hour period on Friday, the country’s military said in a statement.

The military statement indicates that some 180 North Korean military aircraft were seen between 11 am and 3 pm local time.

The South Korean deployment included an unspecified number of F-35A stealth fighter jets, according to the statement.

In addition, some 240 combat aircraft that participated in the military exercises called “Storm Watcher”, carried out in conjunction with the United States and which are currently underway, had also “maintained a posture of readiness”.

Tensions have risen in the region since the joint drills began on Monday, prompting an angry response from Pyongyang, which has accused allies of provocative actions.

A North Korean official warned in a statement Wednesday that the United States and South Korea would pay the “most horrible price in history” for any military action against Pyongyang.

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