South African media announce what’s next for Siyabonga Ngezana after his FCSB debut


Publication date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 09:00

Update date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 09:00

Nguezanaplayer for whom the FCSB paid €600,000 to people from Kaiser Chiefswas introduced in the 77th minute of the match against UTA instead of injured Vlad Kiriches. Although she also had Denis Haruts, who was in the starting lineup at the beginning of the season, the vice-champion wanted to see the South African stopper in the work.

South African reaction after Ngezana’s FCSB debut

The South African press has noted Nghezana’s long-awaited debut and expects the defender to have more chances to start from now on as Vlad Ciriches is injured.

“Siyabonga Ngezana finally made his debut for the FCSB but his team lost to UTA Arad on Monday night. He had to wait six league matches to make his official debut. He replaced ex-Tottenham defender Vlad Chiriches, another player who joined this summer. who still kept him on the bench.

Gigi Becali, the owner of the club, had previously suggested that Nghezana was not reaching the required physical and technical level, so he asked for more weeks to adapt.

However, this was not a debut for Ngezana: FCSB suffered their first defeat of the season. The Romanian national team is in first place, one point ahead and one game ahead of Universitatea Craiova.

Nghezana will now look to secure his place in the team after Ciriches, the Romanian international with 75 caps, left the field with an injury.”– wrote Idiski Times.

What the FCSB starting team might look like against the University of Craiova

The FCSB lost in the next championship match to Alexandru Pant and Florinel Coman, who were eliminated due to the accumulation of yellow cards, as well as Vlad Chirices, who came out due to injury and, most likely, will not be able to play in the next round.

The list of important players who are unsure about the match against Craiova University includes Alexandru Baluta and Adrian Shut, who complained of health problems and were not included in the squad for the match in Arad. It remains to be seen what their health will be before Saturday’s game.

In the game with Universitatea Craiova, Ovidiu Popescu could take the place of Panthea, who took the position of right-back, including in Arad, after the young player was eliminated. Chirichesh can be replaced by either Siyabong Ngezan, who made his debut in the match against UTA, or Denis Haruts.

As for Florinel Coman, the far left is likely to be replaced by Octavian Popescu, who will return to his preferred position, while David Miculescu could start again on the right flank.

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