Sora’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate wasn’t complicated by Disney, but by the creator of Kingdom Hearts.

In a recent interview, Tetsuya Nomura acknowledges that it was he who put the most demands on the collaboration.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of those essential games in the Nintendo Switch catalog not only because of its playable proposal, but also because it involves a celebration of the middle thanks to the inclusion of all kinds of iconic video game characters. However, sometimes some incorporations are more difficult than others.

If you remember correctly, the appearance of Sora from Kingdom Hearts was made to beg and it was pointed out that, in the negotiation process, Disney could have hindered collaboration with the Nintendo franchise. However, the creator of Kingdom Hearts Tetsuya Nomura has revealed in an interview with IGN that it was quite the opposite.

“Most of the comments I read when Sora was announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate were ‘I don’t think Disney approved of this’. Actually it was me who was very demanding with his appearanceNomura reveals. “Disney was the one who said go ahead, it was a great opportunity.”

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nomura thought it would clash with the tradition of the sagaThe reasons that Nomura uses to put more obstacles than Disney are focused on the fact that the Japanese thought that it would be a clash with established tradition in Kingdom Hearts and the worlds of Disney. After careful consideration, she gave the green light, something she doesn’t regret after seeing how well the announcement was received.

It must be said that the main reason why Tetsuya Nomura is giving interviews these days is the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4, the new installment of Square Enix with Disney It doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. Of course, we already know some details regarding its history, which causes fans to begin to theorize about what we can expect from it.

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