Sony sales better, Microsoft worse in current generation of consoles

If we compare the two consoles Sony and Microsoft by examining the time periods since their release, then both companies will chart two different directions.

According to a report from Circana, formerly known as the NPD Group, after the PlayStation 5 sales surge in the US in July last year, Sony’s product became the market leader, and the company believes the PS5 will definitely be able to maintain this position. until 2025. Analysts believe that sales of the PlayStation 5, despite an initial lack of inventory, were already 5% behind those of the PlayStation 4 when looking at the same period since their release. Even compared to the PlayStation 3, we get an amazing figure: a revolutionary technology for those times, but an incredibly expensive console is 87% weaker than its “grandson”!

The Microsoft space also deserves attention. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which are already struggling with technical limitations (see the example of Baldur’s Gate III…), are 10% behind the Xbox One results since launch. Also, in the beginning, Kinect was a must for Xbox One, and because of that, we had to pay more for it than for PlayStation 4. And THIS is how the two Xbox series brought such a big backlog!? However, compared to the Xbox 360, the advantage is 6%, so the situation is strange, since the X360 alone represented the next generation for a year …

During 2023, the Nintendo Switch also enjoyed strong sales in the US, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released in May, played a role. Last month, the Switch finally outsold the Nintendo Wii in the US and is only 1 million units behind the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 2 may no longer be available as it will have to sell for around 5 million, which is no easy feat for a console that has been available for six and a half years, and a big N won’t bring the price down.

Chirkana also highlighted the growing market for portable PCs, which will be discussed today in connection with one of the upcoming devices.

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