Song Suk Goo apologizes to Nam Myung Ryul for criticizing his “fake acting” remarks.

“Thinking about immature language and misunderstood sentences

The elder gave me the answer… You will come to see the play.”

Actor Song Seok-gu answers questions at the press conference for “Army on Tree” held at the LG Art Center Seoul in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 27th of last month. yunhap news

Actor Song Suk Gu (40) revealed that he wrote a handwritten letter and apologized to senior actor Nam Myung Ryul (64), who criticized his remarks about “fake acting” as “arrogant.”

Sung Suk Goo appeared on the JTBC newsroom on the 23rd and said, “(Nam Myung Ryul) wrote a handwritten letter and apologized.” He will also come to see the play.

Song Seok-gu said, “When I started acting about 10 years ago, I worked hard to become a good actor, but sometimes I felt like I was being forced to act close to one standard response.” At that time, I often felt this way because of my intolerance and stubbornness. These thoughts were also the driving force that made me think, “I should have my own color.”

He then said, “It was a sentence that could be misunderstood enough, mixing just one example and inexperienced language, which I easily spat out while talking to my fellow actors, ‘Why are you acting so fake?’ and “I was thinking.”

Song Suk Goo will appear in “Army in a Tree” which is running at LG Art Center Seoul until August 12. Song Seok-gu Gained Huge Popularity Through Dramas , , <Казино> and film <Город грехов 2>, and for the first time in 9 years went on stage. It was a medium-sized show, with about 350 seats, but it used a microphone.

At a press conference on the 27th of last month, Sung Seok-gu said, “The reason I moved into movies or dramas after I was going to only act in theater was because I didn’t understand why they were told to ‘play out of tune’ (play with a loud voice so the audience could hear the lines) that you shouldn’t whisper at all when you say ‘whisper about love.’

On the 14th, Nam Myung Ryul posted an article on his Facebook page containing Song Suk Goo’s remarks and said, “Hahaha, I’m just laughing. This is arrogance,” he criticized. In the comments: “Seriously, even if you whisper a real game, you have to think about a game that a 350-seat audience can hear. If you haven’t thought about it, I hope you take it back that you were just about to put on a play. Say, “I used to do this, I was good at the media game.” There are many actors who fill 350 places with their voice, even if they whisper. If the whole game is about playing a fictional character, it’s absurd to define what a real game is.”

Nam Myung Ryul made his debut in the play “Waterbird, Waterfowl” in 1985 and has appeared in dozens of plays, films and dramas. Until September 10, he appears as “Dr. He received the Korean Theater Award, the Dong-A Theater Award, and the Lee Hae-Rang Theater Award.

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