Son Tung M-TP sparks controversy again for ‘drop pants’ fashion

(Dan Tri) – Son Tung’s M-TP fashion has always been of interest to many people. More recently, a series of photographs of the singer with his pants down during a performance has once again sparked controversy.

On the evening of August 28, Son Tung M-TP attracted attention with their performance at the Can Tho Musical Night. In this look, the singer sported curly hair, wearing a tight shirt paired with jeans that fell down to reveal plaid pants on the inside.

The appearance of Son Tung M-TP and his fashionable style immediately became the topic of discussion on social networks.

Song Tun’s trouser style is controversial (Photo: Facebook character).

In addition to complimenting Song Tung M-TP’s inherent beauty, there are many conflicting opinions about his fashion style. Some comments suggested that the singer deliberately dropped his pants to reveal his underwear, which was offensive and inappropriate.

Previously, Son Tung’s image of M-TP at the October 2022 musical evening also caused a lot of controversy on the forums. At the time, the original voice of Tai Bin also wore a tight shirt paired with wide leg pants that revealed her underwear.

Song Tun’s style: wear a tight shirt and pants (Photo: Facebook character)

Sung Tun’s fans praised this outfit, saying it made a breakthrough. However, many viewers commented that Sung Tung’s style is somewhat offensive and less masculine.

This type of suit is also worn on stage by some male artists such as Mono, Hietuhai… However, in the case of Son Tung M-TP, the singer faces controversy about his fashion style.

Trouser fashion aside, Son Tung once gained attention when he wore a tight, off-the-shoulder shirt with one arm torn off, paired with prominent red leather pants, when he performed on Nguyen Hue Walking Street in May (Photo: Facebook graphic).

Participating in the musical evening to welcome the new year 2022, Song Tung surprised by wearing a fur hat, leather clothes and chain accessories. Sung Tun’s style is said to be similar to G-Dragon’s in many ways (Photo: Screenshot).

In 2019, the singer gained attention for wearing a vest, sunglasses, and a headscarf during a performance. A lot of people think it’s a combination…not really “matching” between costumes and accessories (Photo: Screenshot).

Song Tung also surprised the audience when he took to the stage in 2016 wearing one-on-one trousers. In addition, the hat and glasses were said to “do not match” with the suit (Photo: Screenshot).

Son Tung M-TP’s real name is Nguyen Thanh Tung, born in 1994 in Tai Binh. He has a charm to sing this song rain through in August 2011 and left a lot of mark with a series of his own hits such as: Lost We don’t belong Give it to me…

Over the years, Song Tung M-TP has been one of the male singers with a large fan base. However, his fashion style, music and personal life are still controversial.

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